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      1. Hangzhou Jietian Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd
        Hangzhou Jietian Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd
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        • Horizontal store tank
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        • Vacuum computation tank
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        Welcome to Hanzhou Jietian Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd -- www.zjcsep.com
        filling tower and revolving board compound absorbing equipment project multilevel filling tower absorbing equipment
        Wastewater and waste gas cover absorption equipment. rotational flow waste gas dealing equipment.
        whole set active carbon absorbing equipment horizontal store tank
        vertical store tank vacuum computation tank
        Polypropylene mixing reaction tank acid washing tank
        Polypropylene plating and electrobath lab low acid washing equipment
        automatic shoulder plating prodution line filling medicine mixing reaction tank
        Polypropylene square groove modified Polypropylene square groove
        ionic exchanging pole Polypropylene filtration tank
        F4-72 mode Type A plastic wind machine F4-72 mode Type C plastic wind machine
        soft connection in the entrance and exit of wind machine revolving board sieve plate
        draft hood anticorrosion intake tank
        Polypropylene plastic wind pipe Polypropylene Pall ring filling
        steel compound mixture slurry anticorrosion tube valve part and recycle pump
        product causticity-resistance performance list-(Polypropylene) / (PVC) waste gas dealing equipment
        Add:Zhenpu Road Puyang Town Xiaoshan Hangzhou China
        Tel:+86-571-82321408  /  Fax:+86-571-82322278
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