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      1. Hangzhou Jietian Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd
        Hangzhou Jietian Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd
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        Welcome to Hanzhou Jietian Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd -- www.zjcsep.com
        The environmental protection equipments of our factory are waste gas and spiritualization absorbing tower, absorbing-wind(eliminating-wind)pipe, inclined board(pipe)deposition pool, ascending inflation neutralisation tower, ion exchange pole,etc. We carry on all kinds of waste gas spiritualizationequipments, plating waste water, metallurgy acid cleaning waste water,papermaking waste water, curry waste water, printing and dyeing waste gas and many kinds of chemical waste water dealing projects.
        ≡ waste gas dealing equipment
        Add:Zhenpu Road Puyang Town Xiaoshan Hangzhou China
        Tel:+86-571-82321408  /  Fax:+86-571-82322278
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