Italy is the home of culture, some of soccer’s finest teams and the Roman Catholic Church. Museums display some of the most beautiful art works ever made. But the parts of Italy that operate outside museum doors have enough beauty to satisfy every visitor. Stroll down the streets of Rome, Florence, Naples, or Venice, and you will be struck by the wealth of history and culture tied up in the cobbled streets, baroque style buildings and beautiful chapels.


The famous water city on world is one must visit place. Europa Coaches Dubrovnik regularly stops there due to high demand. First place to visit is Doge’s Palace. You will discover the part of the palace where the city’s administration worked, as well as Casanova’s jail and wonderful five hundred year old roof structure. The great views of Venice and the lagoon can be also captured in the top of the Bell tower of St. Mark.



Europa Coaches Dubrovnik will take you to your next destination – Rome. First thing to see in the ancient Rome is the Coliseum. Vatican City is also a famous place not to miss. However, you should also choose many other churches, the Seven Hills of Rome, museums and Piazzas to visit.