Most people agree that as far as eastern European travel destinations go, Hungary tops the list. The nation is most definitely geared towards tourism, with classy resorts and hotels at all the important spots, but it has wisely averted the destruction of its traditional culture. We suggest visiting the cultural landscape Puszta. It is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will see the grazing animals, the traditional life dates back for more than 2000 years. If you are more interested in natural lakes, then we suggest you to visit Lake Balaton. It is the biggest lake in central Europe and one of the major tourist destinations in the country. The surroundings are hilly and there are some great places to explore.


Europa Coaches Dubrovnik also operates in Budapest. It is the capital of Hungary. The Danube River divides the city into two parts, on the west bank, Buda and on the east Pest. You should definitely visit St. Stephen’s Basilica, the opera house, the Terror Museum and the second largest synagogue in the world among them. The city is also very famous for Turkish baths.