The city which was once the undisputed cultural center of Europe, Vienna, still bears the signs of its glory days. Majestic architecture, a haven of western musical tradition and museums dedicated to its artistic heritage. But while Vienna’s past glory makes it a must see destination, Salzburg is the most popular destination. Away from the cities, Austria’s countryside beauty is as majestic as the Habsburg Empire was. Whether it’s the graceful Danube, the Eisriesenwelt ice caves, or the magnificent snowcapped peaks of the Alps. Visitors will find it impossible to deny Austria’s great beauty.


When you are traveling with Europa Coaches Dubrovnik one thing you should not miss is the Ball carnival season. The most widely known and elegant balls are the opera Ball in the State Opera or the ball of the Wiener Philharmoniker. There are also a lot of open air film festivals, e.g. at the Augarten, the Vienna Turf Krieau, The Parter and Schloss Neugebaude. In the summer, there is also the ImPlusTanz Festival for contemporary dance and performance.